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Our History


  At the Law Offices of Collins and Lamore, we are wholeheartedly devoted to bringing justice and understanding to our clients. The foundation for our successful practice was established by combining two attorneys who are truly passionate about bringing awareness and justice to the people who need it most. After years of working for larger firms, we were confident that we had the knowledge and resources to open up our own practice, in the fall of 2007. 

 As we ventured into the area of collections, we quickly noticed an unacceptable trend. Employers were constantly getting away with not paying employees for their legally owed wages. Even with legally binding judgments against the employer, employees were persistently not getting paid for their work. In 2009, we decided to focus exclusively on the enforcement of Labor Board judgments. Through our numerous years of experience in employment law, critical thinking and research, we discovered different ways to enforce and collect our clients’ judgments. Every case teaches us something new and the knowledge we have gained over the years has adequately prepared us to enforce judgments that people believed were not enforceable. We don’t stop on the first bump we find on the road, but instead look through every crevice to find a positive outcome for our clients.

  In addition to enforcing Labor Board judgments, our office began to get involved in debt settlement cases in 2012. Since then, our main areas of practice have remained in Labor Board judgment enforcement and debt settlement. Our goal is to help clients with any troubling situations they might be facing, so we regularly go into numerous other areas of law.

We love helping our clients and we would love to help you!      

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